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Welcome to the official web site of the Ducal Palace Museum complex that represents - with almost 1000 environments, towers, roads, courtyards and garden - Italy’s biggest architectural museum complex, and is amongst the most extended courts of renaissance origin in Europe.

Mantua is a small but large paradox: an architectural casket – a town on water, almost constrained within its lakes – hosting the vastest museum complex in Europe whose complexity is comparable to the Vatican Museums. Ducal Palace boasts more than 950 rooms and gardens, stores and cellars, courts and loggias, built side by side over the years becoming the town’s strongest and most significant part of its unique skyline. As a symbol of the Gonzaga’s power, today Ducal Palace testifies and represents the biggest beauties of Italy: the Camera Picta (Painted Chamber), Mantegna’s immortal masterpiece, alone is worth the visit but here - mindful of Gonzaga’s lesson, capable of building the art collection most envied by European courts – every era has left traces and testimony, from the Middle Ages to contemporary art. As Torquato Tasso wrote (one of many artists who stayed here, from Pisanello to Mantegna, from Giulio Romano to Rubens and Monteverdi) “This is a splendid town, worth travelling a thousand miles for one to see it”. Many centuries on, the invitation is open, felt, justified and valid more than ever.

Peter Assmann

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